Monday, March 29, 2010


A fresh welcome to you all.. so many months since we interacted through this blog. Its time again to refresh and relive those days at BITS Pilani, at Raag, at Audi, at Sangamam !

Sangamam 2010 was based on the play Abhijñānashākuntala or Abhijñānaśākuntalam by Kalidasa which means Of Śakuntalā recognized by a token.

Its a story about Shakuntala and Dushyant which revolves around a ring and thus the name we gave to the concert was - THE LOST RING..
Venue was Audi on 23rd of February'2010.

I'll try to get to the whole story scenewise totalling to 12.

Scene 1:
Shakuntala is abandoned by her parents(Vishwamitra & Menaka) just after her birth and there in the forest she is found by Sage Kanva and he brings the child to his ashram. He names her Shakuntala meaning brought up by birds (Shakun).
Dancers: Aishwarya, Madhulika, Niranjana
Musicians: Ajay-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Hemant-Hawaiian Guitar
Composed By: Ajay, Preethi

Scene 2:
King Dushyant is the king of Hastinapur and he has come into the forest for hunting. While hunting he injures a deer but suddenly a girl comes and stops him saying that the deer is from hermitage and so shouldn't be harmed. King Dushyant listens and lets the deer go away. Then the girl invites him to the ashram to meet Kanva Rishi which he duly accepts.
Dancers: Aastha, Madhulika, Jayasharda
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Hemant-Hawaiian Guitar, Aditya-Tabla, Chandrashekhar-Mridangam
Composed By: Last Kannada Part By Deepak

Scene 3:
Shakuntala has grown into a young beautiful girl and she and her friends enjoy the day amidst the natural beauty. When King Dushyant visits the hermitage, he sees them playing in the garden, He is awestruck by Shakuntala's beauty and instantly falls in love with her but doesn't disclose it. Then suddenly a bee starts disturbing the girls and they are unable to shoo it away. Seeing the troubled Shakuntala, King Dushyant steps out and flees the bee away and as soon as their eyes meet, they fall in love.

Dancers: Aastha, Namrata, Jayasharda, Manjeera (Namrata Raman didn't perform for this Sangamam so Namrata means Namrata Jain)
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Hemant-Hawaiian Guitar, Abhineet-Tabla, Chandrashekhar-Mridangam, Riddhidev-Vocal
Composed By: Initial Folk By Deepak and Rest By Riddhidev

Scene 4:
Their love blossoms while at the hermitage and soon they turn this love into marriage. This is the love scene in which Dushyant gives Shakuntala, The Ring and they get married. Soon after, Dushyant leaves to his kingdom due to some pressing reason but promises to come back for Shakuntala soon.
Dancers: Aastha, Namrata, Manjeera, Jayasharda, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Madhulika
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Hemant-Hawaiian Guitar, Aditya-Tabla, Deepak-Mridangam, Vocal-Preethi/Uthra
Composed By: NA

Scene 5:
This is the curse scene. This scene adds the masala to this whole play. Rishi Durvasa known for his short temper and is used to attention and care comes to the ashram thirsty and exhausted. He calls out to Shakuntala who is sitting near the gate day-dreaming about Dushyant. She is sad and in deep thought as in when will Dushyant come back for her. After calling out to Shakuntala and not getting a response, he is enraged at her and the next moment he curses her saying that whom she is obsessing about right now will completelt forget her. Shakuntala is completely unaware but her friend hears the commotion outside and comes out to see that Durvasa has cursed Shakuntala. She pleads infront of him and tries to convince him about Shakuntala's situation and begs apology.
Durvasa says that any curse can't be revoked, he can lessen it and says that is she shows him any token given to her by Dushyant, Dushyant's memory will return and then he leaves.
Dancers: Namrata, Manjeera, Jayasharda, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Madhulika
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Hemant-Hawaiian Guitar, Aditya-Tabla, Deepak-Mridangam, Vocal-Riddhidev
Composed By: Pratik (First four verses) /Riddhidev (Last Verse) /Ajay(Interludes)
Lyrics By: Pratik

Scene 6:
This is the departure scene where Shakuntala, after waiting for Dushyant's return is all set to leave. Everyone at ashram is sad and feel low when she is leaving. Even the nature bids her goodbye. Her father, Rishi Kanva thanks her for being a good daughter and blesses her for the future life. This scene depicts the emotion of Karuna. She moves onto her journey thereafter.

Dancers: Aastha, Namrata, Manjeera, Jayasharda, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Madhulika
Musicians: Shravan-Violin, Vocal-Riddhidev
Composed By: Riddhidev

Scene 7:
After setting from the hermitage she travels through all the difficulties and in the mean time also loses her ring unknowingly.
This is the court scene where Shakuntala meets Dushyant in his court. She faces difficulty in going through the gates to meet Dushyant. Unaware of the curse, she goes on to say that she is his wife but Dushyant fails to recognize her. she feels dejected on being rejected and faints. Dushyant then orders that she should be taken to the kingdom hermitage and taken care over there.
Dancers: Manjeera, Jayasharda, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Aastha
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Abhineet-Tabla, Deepak-Mridangam
Composed By: Ranjani Raagam-Preethi, Initial Ranjani Part-Ajay, Bowli Raagam-Ajay

Scene 8:
This is a folk scene of the play. Here fishermen are being portrayed showcasing their daily routine and how at the end of the day a fisherman gets the lost ring inside a fish.
Dancers: Manjeera, Madhulika Niranjana, Namrata
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Hemant-Hawaiin Guitar, Aditya-Tabla,Riddhidev-Vocal, Deepak-Ghatam
Composed By: A Bengali Folk Song

Scene 9:
This is a scene where that fisherman tries to sell the ring in the market place but in the due course is spotted by the king guards and they question him about the ring with king's seal on it. He is then dragged to the court where festive is on with dance performances(Kathak Jugalbandi).
Soon after the dance, guards tell that they caught this man with a precious ring. As soon as he sees the ring, a memory gushes through his mind and he is disturbed. He feels sorry for himself to have made such a huge mistake by disowning Shakuntala.
After this Indra comes to the meet him to ask for help in a war against the demons. Dushyant agrees to help him.
Dancers: Madhulika, Manjeera, Jayasharda, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Aastha, Namrata
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Abhineet-Tabla, Deepak-Ghatam/Mridangam, Uthra/Preethi/Riddhidev - Vocal
Composed By: Sindhubhairavi Raagam-Ajay, Percussion - Deepak

Scene 10:
This is the war scene where demons meet forces Indra and Dushyant. Nothing much to explain about war. Indra and Dushyant win after which Indra invites Dushyant to come and stay for few days in Indra Lok.
Dancers: Manjeera, Namrata, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Aastha, Madhulika
Musicians: Ajay-Violin, Abhineet-Tabla, Deepak-Mridangam
Composed By: Deepak

Scene 11:
While returning back he is passing by the ashram of Sage Kashyap. There he sees few ladies shouting on a baby boy who seems to be fearlessly playing with a lion cub. They try to coax him by showing him toys and berries but the child is not at all distracted by them. Then one of the lady plead to him to persuade the child and get him back.
He then inquires about the child and his father and gets to know that he is Bharat, his own child. Then he asks Shakuntala to come back with him upon which she refuses. But Sage Kashyap reveals the curse given by Durvasa and puts and end to all the drama. He blesses all the three of them for a happy life.

Dancers: Manjeera, Jayasharda, Niranjana, Aishwarya, Aastha, Namrata
Musicians: Ajay,Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Chandrashekhar-Mridangam
Composed By: Desh Raagam-Ajay, Kaapi Raagam-Preethi

Scene 12:
Our own traditional happy ending (Bollywood ishtyle :D).. The Thillana Scene.

Dancers: Manjeera, Jayasharda, Aishwarya, Aastha
Musicians: Shravan-Violin, Preethi-Veena, Chandrashekhar-Mridangam, Ajay/Deepak/Ashwath-Vocal

Compering - Namrata Raman
Lights - Pratik, Uthra

So we come to a happy ending of Shakuntalam which was highly appreciated by the BITSian junta.
You can listen to all the songs by clicking on the respective Scenes. Few Lyrics have also been uploaded.
So enjoy and do let us grace with your invaluable comments and suggestions.
We all hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Sangamam and are ready for few more concerts up this semester.
We will keep you updated with everything till then sit back and relax.
Cheers !