Saturday, October 14, 2006


Okay guys!! Welcome aboard to the duo concert!!

Vividhya,a point-in-time excogitation by the duo,gotten inspired by the antecedently happened “veena ranjani” by the soumi-srividhya duette concert,inspirited the crowd at the end of a tiring day!!!

The duo head-started the concert with the kaanada varnam,embellished with the exceptionally edifying chittai swarams and mukthayi swarams,exploding brigaas and elucidating saahithyam!! Kinda perfect start….actuating and eliciting the audiences with a brilliant experience ( more to come,you see ……… !!)and then the mellisonent mohana kalyani piece-siddhi vinayagam,with two equally mellifluous voices delighted the audiences………
Soon the duo started drawing crowd……….wingies,friends,profs,some surprising crowd from boys bhawan……. Two cute gals singing you see !!(wink!!)vsp’s mom and dad had also graced us with their presence,hmm hmm…….an inordinately large crowd though !!

Here comes the ‘seethamma maayamma’ in the rigorous and cogent pace of the vasantha educing the resplendence and the glory of ‘seetha’.Appending more beaut to the song is the pattern of the swaram with the kinda jockeying effect wherein u have the hop-skips in the ascension and declension of the swaram,an awe-inspiring jugalbhandhi!……..orey vocal chord fight dhan machee!!!kudos ganesh !! I would be remiss in my duty if I don mention the intensifying effect of the mridhangam that enhanced tempi of the swaram……………orey sirippu vera thaangala rendu perukkum !!the two gals flashing a cute lil smile here and there exchanging glances,their nice brilliant rapport, adding gusto to the concert !!

Hehee,the next piece is one of the fav of padma ma’am’s pupils……………the uncanny flavour of the raagam-poornalalitha,a quite rare compositon of thyagaraaja,is on anjaneyar,ahem……this song specially goes out to all the anjaneyar fans ……!!!!!
For the kinda mukhari mixed gaanamoorthe blend tat it had ( as anuraagini calls it …….mubbula irukkara maadhiri ,hehe…….. ) imparting exotic effect in the ambience……..was a good hit too !

The main piece !!!!

Poorvikalyani……….ahem……..i would warn u guys to tighten the seat belts at this juncture….for the kinda ostensibly slow paced rendu kala choukka start-off of at the inception of the song and the kinda pace that instigates the audiences towards the denouement,with a resplendent pattern of swaram,and the unexpected splendid changes in the pattern of the jathi of the mridangam symphonically orchestrating to the rhythm of the song,authenticating the expertise of jaggu here,astounding motifs of jathi!kowtow jaggu !!! Escalating the already heightened spirits of the audiences sitting in ET,with a surprisingly large crowd(I told,u !!!)the duo,entertained us all with an enlightening experience of poorvikalyani, transcending the whole crowd to the mesmerizing world of music,leaving behind a dubiety and ambiguity as to if its really some kinda music gods exchanging talks in poorvikalyani medium,I would say the duette were in their full form!!!not to mention the cognitive skilfullness of jaggu!!!ohh my!! what detonating jathis with the kinda a one-lakh wala cracker exploding effect!! Deepavali vera varudhonno innu one week la ………adhe nyabagam polarku jaggu ku !leaving the crowd spell-bound to digest the brilliance of the impact created herewith.

Much awaited ‘arupadai veedu’ song of the day!! Duo,sriram,myself and most of the raagamalikans exchanging glances here n there ………a nice combo of raagamalika,not to mention again the brilliance of jaggu and ganesh here !

The penultimate piece of the concert ,govardhana giridhari with a soothing darbhari kaanada added refreshment to the already poorvikalyani-refreshed minds of the crowd.orey HEAVY refreshment dhan inniki ! adikkadi ipdi yaaravadhu paadindrundha ……..”I wanna break freeeeeeee from the tut and tests and reports and submissions and deadlines.” Makkal can take a break and come over to the raag concerts,rejuvenate and get back to work , u see !

The final resplendent revathi thillana is the kinda perfect utopian concluding piece I would say for any concert.Again, jaggu’s cracker effect of the jathi’s…….we were kinda having a mini diwali experience here……..heehee…i was tempted to doubt if Nandi god,on the spur of the moment has incarnated in jaggu and playing the mridangam or something!!!!ohh my ! astounding experience!!!asperity and the severity of the raagam,depicting the sternness and the crux of the song.

Finally !!!!!!! concert is over …..phew!! wat a brilliant concert man!!
Sriram imparting his SEC- advices to the club makkal….. “so we all understand that practice makes man perfect…….,adhanale next concert lendhu idhemaadhiri practice venum,dedication venum, !!”PPL……CAN U SMELL RAJIV NOSTALGIA IN THE AIR?hehee…I can !!
We then headed to c;’not ………orey MNB’s yellarum!! courtesy-jaggu !!we then took leave of jaggu and other boys.

The concert was an amazing hit because of the enormous dedication and the tremendous effort that the two put in,ganesh’s swaram’s ofcourse!and jaggu’s apropros presence on campus !!!
THE DAY!!! for the duo,of the duo,by the duo!!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

NR Snaps upload


POSE 1 :






POSE 2 :


NR - 2006

Saraswathi pooja went on well. Vishnu sahasranaamam,
kandhasasthi kavasam and few more shlokas were recited after
which, many of us went to VK redi and had our psetisemite to
open an account and treat us all :D Gen trippings and leg
pullings were happening then. After lunching all of us were
there in audi on dot at 2 for the 1st run through :) Not
much effort actually, as everything did go in a smooth
track. Again after dinnering 2nd runthru at 8. Btw.. Nivy,
thanks for the one card u had sent us wishing good luck for
NR :)

okay..Guess wat? There was PRESIDENT CALL at 9! Heyy..
there was shyamala with 2 cakes, just blowing out of the
water!! Yummy it was..Thanks shyamu :) The run thru
apparently got over before 11 and the non-dancers
volunteered to 'dance', rather we were fictitiously trying
to show off our expertise.. hehehe.. Dance poses from NR
songs.. few of us were actually 'OB' adichifying ;)

The clock struck 11 and we were IN to the enthu session..
C'mon... we shldnt waste our late nite perms u see...
'Ayaarettu naatukattai' followed by 'thirunalveli alwada'
and some more of Dapaankuthus. We had total fun then.
Meanwhile, Rao entertained us with one kind-a kuchipudi . She had
2 vessels filled with water and danced, by having them over her
head. Perfect balance and silence indeed as we were watching the
dance with wide eyes and mouths openAnd then came the game of Mafias. Our moderator was Niveramesh and we were enjoying the game..
few had their eyes half closed - half open, which was against the rule of the game ;) Well.. that apart, whoever knows this game will appreciate the scene of killing the Oracle -Mr.Manojh.. and luckily the mafias won!
That is it ! It was time for the gals to wind up and so we did the same.

The next day morning was hajaar vetti, just that we learnt a
new song from Padma Mam in the afti. The evening was packed
again with run through(s), wherein sound check was also
done. This was the first time for few of us on stage to
check the sounds and it was really a nice experience. End of
the day everyone of us was tired and throats were also
slightly off scaled. So, the songs were taken down in pitch,
amplitude, frequency and wat not!

aaaaah... The Backdrop:
Lord Natraja's silhouette outshapened by Proff.A.K.Sarkar's
daughter was made from thermocol piece. And luckily
backstage had a blue cloth to fit in the background and the
entire thing came out well.

Moving on to the NR FRONT - CRACKING SHOW!
The programe started at 8:10pm with an instrumental
piece(2veenai+4violins+1mirdhangam). 'Sounds' people could
have actually set up a better scene then. But despite the
fact that Sounds tended towards negativity, 'we the people'
of rag did cast a good show, which is a very obvious one.
Shree Mahaganapathe and Naatakurinji varnam succeeded the
instrument piece. The varnam depicted the story of gajendra
and Dhropathi, which were one among the hit ones of
the night's programe. Next was Ashtapathi, wherein PD's
expressions were well defined and they still stay serene in
our minds. Good work BP and PD :) YO 2004 uh? ;) The crux of the depiction here was Gopika decorates herself, waits for krishna and dreams. Well, I cannot miss out on the tharangam. Shyamu and Rao- kudos to u guys. First time in Rag a kuchipudi dance piece was recited. The jathi by ramana -> indeed tongue twisters and machaan urs was brilliant on stage da :) This piece was followed by shivaashtakam.

This time, Meera bajan was yet another attracting piece and
it gave chance to tabla players too. Story of Mahishaasura
mardhini was depicted in Shree kamalaambike song. The
programe came to and end with thillana in ragam Behag and
mangalam. Pretty good show and it does feel much better to
get a good audience response. All of us pushed to VFAST and
got a belly filling treat from dear psentisemites. Thank you
darlings. Huh! That was a long, extended and successful weekend.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Vaadhya Vrindha - Part1

There is no projection, nothing deceitful or hypothetical here. The words are gonna come right away from the bottom of my heart. Volumes can be talked about the dedication with respect to learning and practicing. The gals really need a word of appreciation for the sincerity. The mail (on-campus one!) was sent on august 8th 2k6 listing all the songs along with the groups alloted. Practice for veenai ranjini, rechristend VAADHYA VRINDHA, started on 9th aug :)

Its right time ..6 veena players in the club...No individualism and hence comes the effect of 'Share knowledge Share music' one liner. Both soumi and srividya learnt as many songs possible. And thanks to Ganesh for his timely help on ragam-swaram for Brocheva in kamas. Hehehe..small effort from my side too, wherein i taught Raghuvamsa in Kadhanakudhoogalam . On the outset was vasantha varnam, gajavadhana, Paridhaana and a sai Bajan.

Here comes the Violin execution! - Sriram's solo performance. Indeed a talented hand, castling over the chota fret, was pleasant to the ears. Naadhopasana, marivere and the part1 was brought to an end with a thilaana in ragam sindhubairavi, composed by our fellow clubber - Ganesh. Great job man!

Choreo perfect and now, NR run through is at the scene of action. The initial practice sessions were good, despite test1 series,CDCs,on time... blah!!!Today the 1st run thru in 2214 was much better, one must say. Time and again the routine follows: cam clicks, timing the songs, songs correction, dance pose corrections, e.t.c. Well, special mention needed about the people forming the publicity team. VSP(the brainstormer),Radhe, Srividya,Hardhik, vamshi, of you guys involved, Seriously the notices rock! Their snaps will be up in the next post.And this time the invite was very cute. It was 3 folded with a dancer and the songs list on either side. Credit goes to the brainstormer again Grin! :)

Follow up: Saraswathi poojai, Vijayadasami[Padma Mam's house:)], Audi slots - 4 runthrus scheduled and finally the much awaited "Nrithya Ranjini" o