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Three –one without a raag trip ?!! ohh c’mon!! chanceless !
Long wanting to go to a nice ,smashing trip….we planned planned planned,I think since the beginning of the sem if iam not wrong…. ..with a preponderance of club activities in the and,this sem-say,fresher’s,NR,this-that association performance,vadhya vrindha,founder;s day performance n all tat where we cunt have possibly squeezed in a ‘raag-trip’ anywhere in the schedule……. finally realizing that 3-1 is almost gonna get over,the long inert plan of goin to a trip spotlit!!

A quick word on the retrospects of the trip plan:

Situation : ‘twas respected sec’s bday !
location : QT

After the bday celebrations n all tat …..the discussions tat followed,And then,wen to go(tests irukkakoodadhu !!),yaar yaarlam varel (if no is too less,then plan is highly likely to get gussed !!),psenti semites shud defntly come, coaxing n cajoling them into the trip plan saying psenti things like “hey itz ur psenti sem da ,see we r gonna miss u guys ,u shud defnty come” n all tat(if there is something that wud make the psenti semites maudlin and bathetic about,it can be only the ‘psenti’ sem issue), and the rest of ;em persuading the batchmates to come saying “hey hey neeyu vaaa plzzzzzz dono if I’ll be 3-1 on or 3-2 on” FINALLY !! after cerebrating too much on which day to go n all tat we fixed up everything and all set!!Ok ! ok ! I can see you guys getting impatient…….

Fine,letz not waste time and quickly get to the details of the trip !!

After filling our bellies in ptm grub,we reached ANC,n waited for ppl to get together….

Sweaters,shoes,socks,scarfs,Water bottles,lays,torches,most important of all---the logs,match box(bonfire matter !!) n we decided to get diesel on our way………all set,ready,GO!!!

Now we get into the bus of gajraaj travels,around 10.30 pm,10:11 guys-gals ratio,inspite of all the never go in gajraaj travels :he is worssshhht ! kinda gtalk status msgs by our honorable sec srirama !All the 21 erupted into an immdly enthused gang and started with the usual Anthaakshari game…..for the rest of the 2 hrs we were all full of rough and exuberant animal
spirits singing and dancing and jollification--> I leave it to your imagination,for there are other more interesting things which require special mentioning and detailing,so letz not spend much time on all of it……so finally we reached the foot of khetri :)

A nice moonlit night,we cud have rather not brought our torches ! it was soo bright !no spooky feeling ! no eeriness around ! worsht part, we soo badly wanted that spooky,ghostly feeling u see ! we then decided to walk in pairs,but it never happened,we jus proceeded in a Sloppy,disorderly way putting latcha here n there,exchanging groups and trying to click snaps
in vain,for it was dark ,we cunt possibly focus anything in the dark.we tried clicking the other ppl,but the flash was too burnishing,we almost closed our eyes in all the snaps L We were feeling slightly warm as we walked high on the hair-pin bends and the jalebi roads,singing songs like ‘hips don lie’ of shakira and walking away of craig david ……..we got tired as we reached the focal point of the king’s fort and a round-about route which led to the queens fort.we got slightly tired n hungry here……

King’s fort or queen’s fort ? big debate!

Well ... I (nandhitha) would like to take over the job of blogging :) Yaa, as radha said, we were actually contemplating as to which path to take. Ppl who had already visited this place were quite confident in heading us to the right track that King's fort was the right option. But reaching King's fort will just take an HR ! And we wanted to spend the whole nite lollygaging the entire empire. So we took the other path shooting the queen's fort. That was a beeline with the walls giving the most direct route to the fort, I must say. Hmmmm... Queen's fort was all ruined and desolated. Having got an abstract of the place, we got back to the same, familiar path. But.. on the way to King's fort, we were lost and we got divided into two groups which was left unnoticed. Ooops! we realised it say some five minutes later and then... sms, calls, shouts...errrrrr... there was no signal then.. But surprisingly, Kau's BSNL helped u see :P Then, few from grp2 (which was not on the right track) went to grp1 (who were waiting for grp2).. Having found out the route to get back to the safe hands(grp1 here) , grp2 started lapsing down and finally it became grp1+grp2 :)

Few more minutes to reach the King's fort and we were there. The fort paved us to the outdoor area or the terrace which was glooming with the moonlite..We started off with campfire, lacha, Doss's spirit game, 5 diff flavored Lays packets, songs.... and blah ! The fire meant for warmth is the BEST part. Actually, we dint know how to start about lighting it. We were generally pouring fuel over it and then threw the matches. But that worked only for few seconds as the wood was damp and that it was only the fuel that was literally burning and not the wood. However, we gave it a second thot and acted smart by blowing, shooing with newspapers, etc... such that the wood could reach its ignition temparature so as to start burning. Jaggu baai was jaunty enuf to take small twigs left aside to add on to the fire :) Well .. Thats all about it.

Moving on to the next scenario, the spirit game! hehehe.. few ppl started running out from the place and few were actualy interested in knowing abt it and few others dozzed off happily. Kau and Radhe were the first to go about it after Doss's instruction..then sriram..then shyamala... all saying "Spirit please come spirit please come" !!!! Well... nothing actually came.. but the ppl who did it says that they felt something out of their senses.

That night was brilliant :) We had nice fun. Around 5am few from the grp left to investigate more about Queen's fort. People had test the next day and we had to wind off soon. HAA .. we got down the hill in some 15minutes time...jogging, walking fast.. had kitkat, water... all set to leave to our rooms and take rest :) Body pains persisted for the next 2-3 days. Things were set right by catching hold of Moov and Axe oil... Phew !

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‘‘Ragamalika welcomes one and all to VAADHYA VRINDHA-2. We have Nanditha Santhosh and Srividhya Doss on the Veena and Kaushik Parasuram on the Mrindangam’’-Time is ticking…and pretty fast too. Not too long before did I jus mention about the ‘Vaadhya Vrindha-1’ . Whoa! Here goes yet another round of updates. Read on…

The typical ‘scene’ in ET with people running around for ‘bed-sheets’, water bottles and standing outside vehemently giving missed calls – yeah, we know its concert time! Grin! The concert ended up making my evening pleasant and peaceful apart from ‘musical’. Ah!! Systematic practice sessions and splendid song selection only added more charm to the performance.

To get into more vivid details, here goes…A peppy, brisk rendition of ‘Sriranjani varnam’ as a concert opener was just about perfect. Subsequent to come was ‘Mahaganapathim’ and then yeah, my favorite in the concert – ‘Raghunayaka’! ( beauty of Hamsadwani afterall..!!) – sounded really appealing and the ‘alternating’ (duo concert mind you!) swarams kinda sounded professional and peppy. Next on stage – the ‘main’ piece- ‘Kamakshi Kamakoti’ in ‘simmendhramadhyamam’. A heavy raagam that it is…the kind of efforts that the ‘duo’ should have put in…my godd! The ‘alapanai’ did definitely bring out the nuances and elegance of the raagam. Whoa!! Cheers buddies!!! The ‘kalpanaswaram’ kinda went on to supplement the song to a great extent. Yeah..the ‘alternating effect’ too. J And..yeah, ‘thani avardhanam’ just about an icing on the cake with Kaushik absolutely rejoicing whatever he was playing. (all of us too!). If I havn’t mentioned this yet, here it is – the ‘mrindangam’ was absolutely in harmony and perfectly synchronised with the veena, and the ‘special effects’ at times – lovely, lovely!
A thyagaraja krithi in ‘Brindavana saranga’ was the next to come which was followed by the ‘english note’ by ‘mani iyer’ ..think I was practically swaying to the tunes. Grin!
Concluding note – a bhajan in mohanam.

Marathon snap sessions, loud laughter in air, quick-analysis of the things tht didn’t go the way the performers wanted, ‘sec-talk’, missing ‘rag room’ key (ok its been found also now!)—well, you know what I am talking about – post-concert activities.

Wow! 45mins of soothing music, peace and pleasure for a good number of audience. Everything apart, such a delight to see cheerful, confidant faces thoroughly loving what they are doing. Beaming smile!!

Here’s to the attempt of ‘vaadhya vrindha’! Hoping there’s more of it next semester.
Here’s to music!!!

And, I’d sign off on that note.