Friday, September 22, 2006

September 16th – ‘Aha!’

Almost a usual lazy Saturday –sleeping real late the previous day, day opening with a first hour tut (that inevitably has to go bad!...oops the CDC syndrome!), the usual running around with classes throughout the day, yeah …blah, blah, blah! Okk, I guess am not doing the reporter’s task quite right…reads like one of my diary entries. Wink!

Basically, it bottles down to the fact that, the evening with ‘Rag’ on the 16th of September was more than a welcome relief.

The program being scheduled at half past 6, all of us were there ‘ages’ before that …doing the usual rounds of ‘soundzz checking’ and most obviously shrieking curses at those guys for being their usual best. Wink! Given the fact that we didn’t have too much of practice, owing to NR practices that have been happening in full swing, most of us were around with ‘paper bits’ humming tunes to ourselves. Well, I was vehemently trying to get the sequence in ‘Endaro’ right. Grin! Well, the prelude to the ‘event’ was quite dragging, thanks to an exceedingly long video that was screened. Bah!

Yeah…we had two songs for the dancers – ‘Thodayamangalam’ (done by the guys) and ‘Enadaro’ done by the girls. Preceding the dance, we had the all veena players (playing in pairs) ‘entertaining’ the audience. The songs that were played included ‘Vathapi’ for an opener, Nandy and niveramesh -'maamavathu' and 'anbenum mozhi',srividya and swarna- ‘Giriraja sudha’ and a ‘thirupugahzh’ in Bhageshree to end the vadhya vrindha. Yeah, btw…that’s the new ‘attraction’ for this semester. Yay! We’re going to have ‘instrumental concerts’ that are going to be called ‘that’. J. It’s going to take off on stage this Saturday! Yay!!

Wait, there’s more to chew about…not over yet! Well, the round of applauses had to come from all corners…prof’s, guests, old bald men (ah..sigh of anguish!...Soumi would agree!).. et all. We kinda made sure that we were entitled to have dinner in ‘VFAST’. Oops… Did I just spill the ‘driving motive’ of the performers??!!! Well, cmon…if there’s something that doesn’t change, doesn’t fade away with time – it defly wud be the ‘enthu’ to go have grub in VFAST!! But then ‘twas quite a long wait to get there..took a while for the dancers to get off their costumes. Without wasting time, the other folks were kept engaged by the juniors! Ah..the bundle of energy that they seem to possess…adorable! My god…we were LOUD, NOISY and what not! Dances for hindi songs (includes Choli ke peeche!), popeye show, close-up ad…all of it was in air. I’d say it again…keep up the spirits…you guys!!! We quickly made time for the ‘club snap’ after the dancers decided to grace us with their appearance. And then…’twas time for the tummy to work! Aha!! Then ‘twas the usual scene that saw all of us pouncing on the food and then settling for a hearty lacha session in the lawns.

On the whole, it was a very typical musical, colorful and vibrant performance from
‘Rag’. Yeah, personally, to take a critical stand…it stands no where to our usual performances…a lot of ‘goof-ups’, patching up, lack of co-ordination and all that, still defly would be rated as a lovely treat to the audience.

Ah! So well be life!!! Beaming smile

Well, we are working in full swing for NR and praying hard that turns out to be a success. The practice sessions are going in full swing and the dancers have been doing a wonderful job so far- cheers to you guys!

Up on the list are these events in the near future –

Ø Vadhya Vrindha – Part I – Soumi and Srividhya – Sat, 23rd September 2006
Ø Nrithya Ranjani – October 3rd

Well, its time to disable the write signal for now. The ‘blog girl’ shall fill up the space sometime soon. And yeah, you guys take care and keep us posted! J

Ragamalika – ‘where the music never dies’ – well, this has been inscribed on the walls in ‘bstage’, amidst some obscene crap written there – thanks to Archana’s brain wave!!

Shine on…

Readers (especially the ones not on campus) are strictly requested to read every line! That’s a threatening comment. I’d test you guys on it! Muhahaha

Nivy, I am unable to log into the blogging thing. Send me the invite again if you can.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Flip-Flopping -> The Semester has begun!

The board in room-2219 was decorated by our usual artists. Sriram on the violin and Kaushik on Mirdhangam. They had vigorous practice sessions before and the one term they follwed till the break of the concert was - not to let out the songs list to anyone :) Well... Our favorite 'gamganapathe' was the starter, followed by a tribute to the Guru and then Naatai varanam. The main piece of the concert was 'Venkata Ramana' in ragam Lathangi. A pacifying piece in karna ranjini came after the main. Meanwhile, Rag's well wisher- LKM, handed over a small gift to Mam on behalf of Rag. Then the concert was drawn to a conclusion with a thillana in brindhavani and 'Mangalam'.

Here comes the most awaited and anticipated "Fresher's":
The following pic has 'em all:
Boys(left-->right): Vamshidar, Shravan, pratik, Hardik, Lohit
And the one left who adds light to the smiles is Roopa.

Their performance really rocked! They were able to manage properly and acted smart for even the slightest Thalam errs. Also, the practice sessions from 5-7pm went on well. Kudos to our Sec (Sriram) and obviously joint sec (VSP) cannot be missed! with respect to Hindustani, Anil Roy Sir helped his best and taught few songs. Hey, this time Srividya(a vainica in the club) gave vocal concert. So she is into the club as a vocalist too :)
Then came the surprise .. wonderful cake exclusively baked for freshers by soumi :) Had fun.. clicked snaps with Manojh's ..oops!...rag's digicam. I am taking liberty here :D
After all the tete-a-tete got over, there was a small chat with the freshers:

(Q refers to Questions)

Q: Wat do u feel after giving a CONCERT?

Freshers: We feel great, really great from within.

Q: Fine, any remarkable change in you??... specifically during the practise sessions?

Freshers: YES.

"I have learnt how to be punctual (Rajiv comes in the picture..hehe)

"I was Zuk wen i came in, but now a drastic change in me,Thanks :)"

Q: Hindustani-ites .. how do u think we can improvise on ur concerts ? As in.. wat kinda concerts cld we include?

Freshers: Hey.. gr8 .. There is a concert called "jugalbandhi" were all the instruments get chance invdividually. This will include vocalists too. And the one part is these concerts will be really crowd pulling ones :)

Okay.. thats nice, isnt it ? Thanks to one of the articles to give me this idea of posting a "chat convo" :D

Hooo Hooo.. guess wat? BOSM had started and our mech(divya) is on the run! Super shots and claps and songs and ... blah in the basky court sterday night, making it very much obvious that BITS headed away the game :) Well.. NR practices are also happening in full swing. Shall update once the next event gets over :)