Friday, March 31, 2006

4 Pages long!

Well, the long awaited blog update on the trip is here! Is that too much of an introduction? Forgive me! Just way too excited about the fact that lots of us have just 45 more days of what is officially known as CDCs! In any case , no way did these ‘have to’s bog us down or make us shake our head vehemently from left to right when it came to the most exciting question “OYE! TRIP!!!! IN or OUT? “

It was finally decided, one very fine night at cnot during yet another birthday celeberation. It was Ro’s bday – n we had a sexy sexy eggless apple cake.. (it sure is becoming increasingly tough for me to not deviate from the main line to the innumerable nice moments through the semester.)

Well, after lots of contemplation – we finally settled for the plan as such. “2 days – 3 nights – rishikesh,dehradoon,mussourie” – 19 ppl – 2 qualis – 1 innova! 23rd night till 26th morning! The only highly surprising detail was that despite jus 5 guys and 14 GIRLS on the trip, not once did we run late on schedule! So all of u who usually complain about the girls n mirrors factor – stop now. ;)

We guys left campus at 11.30 P.M on 23rd in the 3 cars. The only mildly sad n inevitable incident was that apart from the 12 ppl who were he quails goers during the on going journey, who were blessed with music systems – the ones in innova had the troubled pleasure of listening to the SWAMINATHAN SISTERS sing all along!
Also, (no modesty) the SS (I shall refer t the swaminathan sisters as SS henceforth) widened their interest from singing to also catering services! Yup, while we stopped at some dhaba, enroute for the drivers to have the “elixir” that would save us our lives (am jus talking abt a cup of chaai to keep em awake) – the SS managed to use the available time to make delicious American breakfast ! :P

Apart from fellow ragamalikans who couldn’t wait for a second slice, there were also Mr.brown dog n dog who had 3 slices of the same. =)) (this is when, subha ka helped us around with serving! )

In the meanwhile koushik, manojh, nandy, shanky and rammi ka purchased a funky version of a traditional percussion instrument and provided some entertainment for the passers by. Probably they didn’t hear, but some people like yb n soumi made plans of collecting sponsorship for sangamam from such unofficial concerts outside a dhaba in the middle of the road as early as 6 in the morning! ;)

Following this, we manages to reach rishikesh without much difficulty and also located the ashram were we had plans of staying – it was called the kovilnoor ashram. It indeed was impossible for us to stop from throwin wide grins at eachother lookin at the name being written in tamizh on the ashram gates. The grin only grew infinitely wider as we met one Mrs.Visaalakshmi who was the owner of the ashram. We took 3 rooms “37,38 n 39” on the second floor of the third block – really decent ones with lots of space.

Somehow, it was a very warm n cozy feeling from then on – the usual sense that surges into ones on trip with jus friends. The sense of responsibility, concern , care – all of that. I can probably never get the right word to explain the feeling that felt like family. :)

All of freshened up and before having lunch walked close to 3 Kms up n down to take a look at the suspension bridges – Ram Jula. It was a long, slightly tiring walk… n that is when some of decided to teach the guys the ‘hippidi hop’ . am sure koushik is tryin it out in his wing corridor as he is reading this! :P

After the bridge visit – with the civilites ramana n shyamala givin us some expert knowledge :P we walked to have a gen look at the temple there was,.. and then took the boat ride across the ganges to retrace the path we had walked on the bridge to the other end of the road.

Oh ! the boat was too much fun – with songs like ‘nilaa adhu vaanathu mela’ to suit the situation! ;) . When we got back to the ashram, it was jus the right time for lunch. There was an annadhaanam for small kids that was going on and it felt good to be there to serve them :) later, we were done with a sumptuous meal – some spinach after a long long time! N had close to an hr to spare before rafting. Once again, stickin to time schedules was never a problem – time n again – it surprised us I guess. Atleast I was!


This was one hell of a lifetime experience. Initially, however the thought of wearing helmets in yellow n blue and life jackets in colours that even telugu film industry would have rejected was a lil embarrassing. But it always happens dusnt it? when u are not the only one who is looking funny ?

We trekked down a slightly rugged path to witness something that heaven. (don ask me if I ve been to heaven – this is jus an expression!) but seriously, jus dark blue for as long as the eye can reach, and sand that glitters silver under the sun and pebbles in so many marvelous colours and a cliff interspersed with brown n green to border the waters on one side was just more than the eyes could yearn for. A sight that I will never forget. It was AWESOME!

After some traditional psentification like “2003 batch snap” n “yo 2004”’s we were finally split into 2 teams for rafting – the SANJAY team n the RAVI team. Through the rafting process which was a lil strenuous for some of us – and jus unbearable torture for a few others, we were thought some poems like “yo baby! YO baby! YO BABY! YO HO!” by our raft captain – which is jus a remix version of our very own “eh lelo ilasa! “ :P

We raced. We were thrown into water. We made circles under water. Some shivered. Many screamed. We clicked pictures. We jumped over the cliff, (initiation credit goes to SWETHA RAO! (yo baby! ) ) 25ft down into the water which was 64 ft deep. And later paddled on to race, only a lot more tired n feeling extremely cold but triumphant at the same time. The whole “dip” n “row” strategy did work through a very major lap of the travel I suppose! :) it was memorable! Truly memorable!


Got back to the rooms, changed n got down for dinner – which somehow was so much more worse than mess ka Sunday dinner. So some of us managed to walk out and grab some bakery biscuits, fruits, n other such food items – jus in case ppl were hungry.

Plan for the next day was to leave as early as 6 and reach sahastradhara. Get done with the usual foto business and proceed to robbers cave at doon n then lunch at pizza hut n then mussourie. Plan worked.. jus as perfect but due to the unexpected swapping of cars, the SS musical productions was taken over by a very very bad music system in one of the other cars. The journey was terribly interesting with dumb charades played from the rear of one quails with the ppl in the car that followed. Awesome fun! All of it!

On reaching sahastradhara, which wasn’t all too great for all that we expected, we still took a zillion pictures in a million combinations and danced a lil while we had ordered for bfast. Subha crack scene! Ever since the midways trip she s been giving us sweet shocks with her effortless excellent dancing skills! Yo subha!

Aprom, we guys moved t robbers cave. Now this is one place which all of us should go – only with friends. Of course there were some extremely testing moments with ppl like jupup n subha who jus refused to trust either themselves or the ones who were trying to help em with the rock climbing. Nevertheless – the chill water that constantly trickled beneath n the trickling sunlight thru the split in the caves, slippery rocks, vaguely defined paths, added to the excitement and adventure. It sure was risky and each of us thanked our lucky stars a million times once we were out of the caves, assuring ourselves we still were alive with head n toes in place!

After a mini voting session on whether or not to go to pizza hut, we finally did go. A really fulfilling lunch for Rs1861/- in all, samisena n jupup thought the rest of the gang the rules of holding the fork n knife n eating like a pro! However most of us decided to give a lot more respect to hunger that otherwise killed n used our hands instead. :P spicy Indian, veggie crunch, mustard sauce, garlic bread, pepsi, ivory n ebony and a cute looking waiter! – worth the money or what?

Well, a lot later after the “duties” that follow a HEAVY n SPICY meal, we proceeded to mussourie. The usual haults with screams saying “ulti – water – stop – chocolates – somebody help! “ were lesser in frequency. Having decided we would have no more of water or getting wet for that matter, the 19 of us split into 2 crowds. One completely girls gang that preferred to spend dad’s money on roadside items and the others who took the winch to climb the mountain, wore mussourian clothes n took pictures with swords, pots, turbans and a lot of other grand looking items!

With that, the trip was almost over. We were just left with a long journey back to the most dreaded place on earth. However, the lull suddenly was wiped by a slight comedy thanks to koushik n the driver of the innova. Mr. koushik apparently was also suffering from the sickness that troubles during downhill travel, n was comfortable with a plastic bag. However the poor driver had one look at it .. n the car breaks went screeching to a halt – cos he felt like puking! =)) was super hilarious!

Anyways, after safely reaching down hill.. we stopped at a very nice dhaba. Had superb dinner n crashed mostly until we reached pilani at 8 next morning. Within minutes, it seemed like all was over too soon. My batch especially – it felt very very psenti – and at this point when am gonna conclude this blog. It still feels gaja psenti for it was our last trip together. Arjun u were missed during the trip. A LOT. N take our word for that. The max most of us can manage is another trip which is gonna be “Seperately together” mebbe that’s a bful feeling too. We will know soon. Take care all of u. : ) ( I feel like saying amen! ) :P

Woah – am fmished! Really – its 4 page long. Somebody treat me for this!

Friday, March 10, 2006


our very own backdrop. for the first time finished weeks ahead of the d day!

clicked during thilana - nalina kanthi
our costume colours were chosen based on the element we portrayed.

land - green
water - blue
fire - orange
space - grey
air - white

Thursday, March 02, 2006

to APU, to VISWA n to KARI.

It was that time of the year again, when music filled the air. The corridors of FD 2 were resonating with the sound of the shruthi. The violinists were competing with eachother. The echo of the mridhangam and the sound of the salangai fought to match each others pace. There were souls running around the building through the IC corridorrs and the ref-li passage. The Veena's were shuttled between raag room and the audi. Flats were being set to position. Cots were shifted from backstage. There were nails. There were pincers. laptops. extension cords. bhujia. cookies. cake. water. sam n anc account. and there were 3 very important people who made a whole huge world of difference to everyone on campus.
Though it was one of the more infuriating parts, I have to congratulate the 3 of them for having maintained the news abt their trip to campus a secret for more than 3 months nearly. It sure is a tough task and i guess they did a really decent job until the very end or almost until then. Ofcourse there were a couple of room mates who let out the secrcet n a few obvious lies that hinted otherwise. That apart, the "mission surprise" was almost a success story.
As i had already said, the d day had arrived. and there was still shit loads of work left to do. It does happen naturally that despite all the careful planning and meticulous scheduling of work, tension takes over and bogs u down jus when u have to take charge. This time around the org comm had all the help that they needed from 2 ex co ords in addition to the club already on campus and their dearest batchmate. Experience spoke. It was overwhelming, really!
As chak herself mentioned - " no co-ord has had it so good with 2 ex - coords making it for sangamam and literally grabbing work from her hand and seating her down and makin sure things were run smoothly".
Be it last minute sounds check or even filling a bottle of water for the dancers backstage -- they were there in a split second doing all they could do. Lots of us were lost in memories and basking in happy times and it dint take more than a minute for these people to snap us back into reality and get us to work again. The perfect blend of authority,concern,help and suggestions. It couldnt have been better. I couldnt have asked for more. None of us could have been happier.
ONE thought struck us all unanimously.
this SANGAMAM could have been better. but... it was the BEST cos of your presence.
The pre planning process seemed too long.
Your visit seemed terribly short. we were happy to let u guys see raag as it is now. happy that your dreams are now a reality. no third person can possibly understand the feeling that we experienced those 3 days.
Hated the last couple of hours. we know u guys hated it as well.
As a club we jus cant seem to put in words how much it meant to us. We find ourselves searching for words when we want to thank you.
Thank you for giving us the joy of being a part of a memorable sangamam. We owe a major part of the success story and all the smiles to the 3 of you.
I know, there have been times when we ve frowned on hearing apu's PJ's or kari's 0.3 micro farad story or viswa's silence. but we miss em all now. please do come back to campus as often as possible. u ll always have 40 others waiting to have u with them.